Coaching with the Body in Mind



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Sue Burston

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A two-day introduction to working with the intelligence of the body for coaches.

Course Summary

Western cultures and education traditions have tended to privilege the cognitive and rational aspects of human experience. Furthermore, organisations are still environments where knowledge and thinking are privileged over feeling and a fuller “whole person” orientation.

The body is where we feel and is an integral part of how we experience ourselves and the world around us. Neuroscience research is continually revealing the relationship between feelings (sensations and emotions) and thought processes and how, often unconsciously, feelings precede and shape our conscious thinking.

What will you learn?

Working with body awareness is particularly suited for:

  • Grounding and reducing anxiety to support more effective thinking and problem solving
  • Understanding and relaxing familiar and unhelpful patterns of relating to others
  • Working to increase self-esteem and resilience
  • Relaxing and reframing rigid patterns of thinking and behaviour
  • Working with resistance to change
  • Increasing presence

Who is it for?

Coaches wishing to:

  • Understand more about their own and their clients’ body processes
  • Explore the relationship between body processes and cognition
  • Understand the relationship between the coach’s body process and presence and its impact on clients
  • Learn a series of techniques for working with ‘the body in mind’ with their coaching clients

The workshop will be of particular interest to those coaches who already have an

appreciation of the importance of feeling states (including anxiety) in the context of

coaching, and the impact these can have on the course of the work and its outcomes. We

will remain sensitive to the contexts in which coaching takes place and typical coaching scenarios, and consider the potential benefits and challenges of working with body processes with clients who may be, initially, relatively desensitised to their own bodies.

Course Faculty

Simon Cavicchia

Simon Cavicchia

Simon is an experienced group worker, psychotherapist, executive coach, consultant and coaching supervisor. He is currently Joint Programme Leader of the MSc/MA in Coaching Psychology at the Metanoia Institute in London. For six years he taught the group facilitation modules on the MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies at the University of Surrey School of Management. He is a visiting faculty member on the Ashridge Masters in Organisation Consulting and Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching. He has published several articles on coaching and consulting and has recently completed the fourth edition of Gestalt Counselling in Action originally written by Petruska Clarkson and published by Sage. He is a UKCP registered Gestalt Psychotherapist and has private practices in West & South West London. He has coached and consulted at all levels in organisations. Past and current corporate clients include BP, BT, Syntegra, Exxon, Barclays Bank, ICI, Microsoft, Breast Cancer Care, Petroplus, Cafod, Hess Corporation, World Health Organization, Unilever, Waitrose, Thomson Reuters and Lloyds of London.
Simon is a student of the Ridhwan School.

Helen-Jane Ridgeway

Helen-Jane Ridgeway

Helen-Jane is a UKCP registered Integrative psychotherapist and coach. Her previous professional career in dance, performing arts, choreography and dance education, teaching and performing in the UK and internationally, has afforded her a special interest & deep understanding of the mind/body relationship. She has private practices in the South West & West London areas, providing psychotherapy, coaching, clinical supervision, group therapy and organisational consulting; as well as providing specialist expertise in working with trauma using sensorimotor & body focused approaches. With a long history of teaching & facilitation, she currently teaches at various institutes such as Metanoia (where she is a faculty member of the MA/MSc in Coaching Psychology and the MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy), Matrix College, and has previously taught at Holloway University and Regents College. As Managing Director of ‘Phoenix Lifeskills Ltd’ she provides consultation, workshops and ‘in-house’ training programs in the UK and Europe. She regularly guest lectures and runs seminars on trauma, body focused approaches, mindfulness and movement and working with the breath. Helen-Jane is a student of the Ridhwan School.